Hello. Domo Konnichiwa.

from Berkeley, California


Seeking the Perfect Bento Box

I never enjoyed my mom’s cooking growing up. For her, it was all about speed. Naturally, I started cooking and packing my own bento box for school. I found myself cooking at home and exploring what I like eating, you might say I was the foodie of the family. Since then, I like trying new recipes and finding new flavors. Nothing professional, but a daily habit that’s evolved into a way of life and a passion.

Later on in life, I started cooking for my San Franciscan husband. He affectionately describes my cooking as “grandma style cooking,” meaning, my process was more organic than scientific— more “feeling and eyeballing” versus precision and technique. Taking that as constructive advice, I decided to pay a little more attention to measuring, timing, and even started taking notes. That new attention to detail eventually grew into a full-blown website! I’m hoping this experience will lead to more opportunities to share my love for Japanese & Californian cooking and learn from others.


A Little More About Me...

Born and raised in Japan. Currently living in Northern California, one of the best places on earth for fresh veggies and fruits (more to explore for me!). While I am cooking, our terrier mix, Goma & Shio Dog © enjoys odds and ends of fresh Californian veggies and fruits. Lucky her!

Ayumi O. 2017