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Recipes from Japan, Ingredients from California, Inspired by everyday.


Goma (Sesame) & Shio (Salt)

Basic ingredients like sesame and salt help serve an everyday, simple tasty dish. (Like Salt & Pepper!) Veggie centric, clean, and flavorful, Goma & Shio Kitchen is a curated collection of my favorite home cooking recipes I collected over the years from Japanese books, magazines, the backs of food packages and online. Some classic, some influenced by the eclectic flavors of the world. Anything easy and tasty.


These recipes show a starting point. 

They are selected and slightly modified to be home made with ingredients locally sourced in California. It may require a quick Asian market run from time to time. (Or find it online!) When you can not find specific ingredients listed, be creative and try it with what is available. And make sure to let me know when that works. (comment section at the bottom of each recipe or contact )  I am all about experiments and discovering new flavors.


Good quality fresh ingredients are the key.

No secrets. Since most of these recipes are very simple and do not require much cooking technique, it is even more true. If you get good quality, fresh ingredients, you are on the way to success!